Lubricating Oil Purification Units

LY Plate Pressure Oil Purifier / Press Filter Cart

LY series plate pressure oil purifier is mainly used to separate solid impurities and water from the oil. It is suitable for filtering the cooking oil, transformer oil, used lubricating oil and so on. There is filtering media, such as filter paper is installed between the filter board and filter plate that will be fixed to form a single filter room under the pressure of the packing device.


• Ideal for particulate contaminated oil

• Eight models are available to accommodate various flow rates

• Fluid cleanliness grade (NAS) to 6 or better

• Explosion-proof type available

• Mobile equipment for outdoor use
The device is characterized by simple structure, easy operation, low cost. It can effectively purify solid impurities from used oil, expanding the service life of oil and the operating efficiency of machinery.

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