Transformer Oil Conditioning System

BZ Transformer Oil Acid Neutralization / Insulating Oil Acidity Reduction/ Transformer Oil Purification


1.Acidity Correction

2.Color Change

3.Sludge Reduction


Transformer oil will change color as oxidation of the oil takes place. Color, by itself, is not a reliable test in evaluating the condition of the oil for further use. It is a strong indication that something is happening within the transformer that requires investigation. Once transformer oil changes from the yellow color range into the orange and red color range, it has degraded to the point where the vital parts of the transformer are being seriously affected.

Our BZ Transformer Oil Acidity Correction Device can be used to decolorize and neutralize any petroleum oil, especially electrical insulating oils. It excels in neutralizing traces of strong inorganic acid. Due to the relatively large pores of the sorbent, it is well adapted to the removal of high molecular weight sulfonates, resins and asphalts.

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