Transformer Oil Conditioning System

ZYD Double-stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Treatment Plant

The ZYD series is specifically designed for purifying and dehydrating the used insulating oil such as transformer oil, cable oil, switch oil, etc. Also it is the best choice of filling oil into power equipment and drying moistened power equipment.
• Ideal for insulating oil clean up and transfer
• For large power transmission equipments above 110KV
• Eight models available to accommodate various flow rates
• Continuously removes free water down to 5 PPM or less
• Fluid cleanliness grade (NAS) to 6 or better
• Powerful Vacuum design
• Dual water and particulate removal
• Coalescence-separation technology
• Duplex 3D evaporation technology
• Double-infrared fluid level controller
• A trinity of interlocked preventive device
• Carbon fiber infrared heating system
• Automatic back-flushing system
• Unique H.P.M high molecule absorption material
• Mobile equipment for outdoor use
• Explosion-proof type available
• On-line vacuum oiling and dehydrating feasible
Comparing with the single-stage type, this series adopts the double-stages vacuum system, which immensely raises the machine’s working vacuum degree, so it can dewater, degas and remove particulate impurities much more efficiently. It allows the transformer to be in service while impurities are effectively removed.
Contact: Rocky Chen
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Fax:  +86-23-68060921
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