Transformer Oil Conditioning System

oil breakdown voltage test kit

insulating oil tester - 2

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IIJ automatic tester is designed by IEC156 to test dielectric strength of insulating oil. Adopt industrial scm to control, which is applied to integrate circuit, new model I / 0 connection, particular testing and anti-jamming technology which largely improve the machine’s capacity.

1. Power supply: AC220V , 50 HZ
2. Output voltage: 60KV, 80KV, 100KV
3. Capacity: 1.6KVA, 2.0KVA
4. Pressure increase speed : about 2 kva/s
5. Pressure testing speed: 3%
6. Dielectric strength sensitivity : <2KV
7. Wave form distortion : <3%
8. Time of dielectric strength: <10ms
9. Polar distance: 2.5mm
10. Weight: 40kgs

The plant operator is in a position to decide ad hoc on the need for substitution of the transformer oil and to initiate respective measures.
The automatically generated test reports are provided in pdf-format and can be stored on a USB stick.
With a weight of only 32 kg, the BA100 dielectric oil tester is ultra-light and ideal for mobile use.
The test voltage is automatically controlled and increased to a maximum level of up to 100 kV rms.
Flashover voltage is measured with an accuracy of ±1 kV over the whole voltage range.
The extremely short switch off time at flash over is below 5 μs. Thus the pollution of the oil by the electric arc is negligible.
In addition, this allows nondestructive testing of synthetic oil, ester oil and silicone oil.



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