Turbine Oil Reclamation Equipment

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ZY Portable Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine

  Appli oil purifier | lube oil purification system | turbine oil coalescer skid | collapsible oil tank | transformer evacuation vacuum pump | insulating oil BDV tester | transformer oil filtration machine cation: ZY Series Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine is specifically designed for purifying insulating oil, such as transformer oil, mutual inductor oil and circuit breaker oil etc. It is widely … Continue reading

TY Vacuum Turbine Oil Conditioner / Oil Purification Unit

Application: The device is specifically designed for purifying used turbine oil, particularly seriously emulsified oil. With advanced demulsification technology, the TY series purifiers can effectively eliminate water and gas content. Feature: • Ideal for turbine oil purification • Eight models are available to accommodate various flow rates • Dual water and particulate removal • Advanced … Continue reading


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