Dehydration (Degas) System

The horizontal vacuum vessel can enlarge evaporation area efficiently. The heater, being placed on the horizontal vacuum vessel, becomes an evaporator. Thus the evaporation area of horizontal vacuum vessel is three times more than that of the vertical vacuum vessel. This innovation can dehydrate and degas effectively and efficiently.

The optimal structure of the dehydration (degas) system enlarges the surface area of oil exposed to the vacuum system and extends the flowing distance of the oil in the vacuum system. Thus there has sufficient time to remove the moisture and gas from the oil by vaporization.

Filtering System

The filtering materials with variable apertures are made of specialized glass fiber. The sizes of the filtering fiber and aperture dwindle gradually in the different filtering stages. The impurities with different particulate sizes are filtered step by step. The capability of removing particulate matters and impurities is improved greatly by this method. The filtering system has stable and perfect filtering fineness. The filtering fineness has several grades, including 1, 2,3,4,5,6,10 µm etc. Oil β≥1000 after filter.
The filtering system is equipped with reverse rinse and filth device. It improves the effectiveness of filtering and extends the lifetime of filter awfully.

Oil Heating System

Oil Heater System assures less than 10w/cm². During the heating process, the deterioration of the oil caused by overheating is avoided.
The oil temperature can be adjusted between 0℃ to 100℃ manually or automatically. The heater will work or stop automatically when the oil temperature reaches a set degree.Being installed with safety protection devices, the heating system is safe and reliable.

Oil-level Controlling System

The infrared liquid level automatic controller system is installed in the vacuum vessel to control the oil level in the operation. The design eliminates froth and avoids oil ejecting and gushing during the process.

High Quality Components

The main component parts of our products such as vacuum pump, oil pump and electric apparatus are from SIEMENS, LEYBOLD, PALL, ABB, ALLWEILER, OMRON, SCHNEIDER, RIETCHLE, NSH and AMICO etc. It ensures our products high quality and reliability.

Structure and Appearance of Oil purifier

The whole equipment is characterized by small size, light weight and convenient to move around.

Various sizes and configurations (alloy shield) available
Available in mobile or stationary options
Anti-explosion enclosure available

Cooler, Condenser System

The system is composed of cooler, condenser, water receiver etc.The vapor and other gases, which are separated from oil in vacuum chamber, first drop in temperature and are rid of moisture in condenser, then are condensed again in cooler which has retarded exchange media. The reductive condensed water is discharged by water receiver. The dry gases, which are condensed and rid of moisture twice, are discharged to air by vacuum pump so that it protects vacuum pump.

The plant is characterized by small size, light weight, rich color. And our company can produce trail car type and whole lock(alloy shield) type according to the customers’requirement.

In order to make sure that the stable of oil purifier plant which can work long time and extend the life of the machine, the electric control parts and electric parts of Zhongneng oil purifier are imported from(ZHENGTAI, DELIXI) SIEMENS, LEYBOLD, PALL, ABB etc.



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